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Smart, Seamless Online Time Clock Software

Save money. Save time. Simplify everything.

How can good time clock software save you money and time?
Old school payroll and timekeeping isn’t just a headache. It’s expensive!

Hidden costs include…

Honest Mistakes & Extended Breaks

If 15 employees ($12/hr.) are off by only 4 mins/day…

You Lose: $3132/year*


Payroll error ranges from 1-8%, so what’s a 2% error on $12k?

You Lose: $240/pay period


What’s 12 hours of
labor $15/hour?

You Lose: $180/pay period

* Actually, it’ll cost you even more with payroll taxes.
† And if you accidentally underpay, that’s a compliance issue. (Data source: American Payroll Association)

The Simple Solution? MyPaperLessOffice.

MyPaperLessOffice is an HR management platform that includes employee time clock software for small business and mid-size business.
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How can MyPaperLessOffice help
your business thrive?

Easy to Learn

MyPaperlessOffice is simple and straightforward for time clock users and payroll staff.

Easy to Implement

Need help rolling it out? Give us a call! We’ve got you covered.

Information at Your Fingertips

Run reports, calculate your payroll budget—it’s all there!

A Fully Integrated HR Software

MyPaperLessOffice is more than time clock software. It’s a complete HR management system that tracks onboarding, benefits, performance management, time off, work schedules, and more! Keep it all in one place.

Save Money

Access all the data you need in one system to save on labor costs and human error.

Save Time

Focus your staff on serving customers and building the business.

MyPaperLessOffice Provides Flexibility

How do you want to track employee hours? You’ve got options.

Option #1: Online time clocks where they login and click to “punch” the clock
Option #2: Online time cards where they enter their hours manually
Option #3: Physical time clocks with biometric or swipe cards (additional fees may apply)
Whatever option you choose, all the data goes to a centralized source, where you can easily review it, edit it, and run reports.

Freedom to Customize

It’s simple to create rules that adapt to your company’s policy for things like…

  • Overtime
  • Rounding
  • Shift differentials
  • Lunch periods

And you can easily create different rules for different groups of employees.

Data Analysis

View, manage, and run reports for:

  • Time and attendance
  • Breaks
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Holiday schedules
  • Overtime
  • Double-time
  • Missed punches
  • Audit history
  • Specialty punches
  • Time sheet approvals

Plus, MyPaperLessOffice has labor distribution capabilities that let you allocate punches against different departments, jobs, codes, and cost centers—which you can easily filter to report the totals.

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